Playing Piano by EAR

January 21, 2013 Posted by admin

Time to step up to your piano bench and commit!

Have you ever thought of learning how to play the piano by ear? If you can learn to play piano by ear it is very convenient.  There is no need to carry sheet music around with you everywhere you go because quite frankly it is all in your head. Playing by ear means that you can play nearly every song you hear, and most people who can play this way are able to jump in and improvise whenever they want. Really – isn’t this any musicians dream?  I believe it is but let’s talk about the difference between memorizing and improvisation?

Those who play piano by ear have the ability to improvise easily. Improvisation is a whole different way of playing the piano – but it takes practice as well as learning about musical theory. The first step to knowing how to improvise is to learn full scales and chords.  The C chord is the most important chord to remember. Learning the C chord and its many variations – the major, minor, and diminished as well as the flats is a good way to get started.

Many songs are played off the simple C chord.  Learning music theory will seem complicated and a bit confusing, but once you have mastered each chord and their variations the sky is the limit. You will be able to sit down and play along with anyone.

Memorization is another story.  Anyone who can play piano by ear has a terrific memory and can learn a song pretty much note for note. Memorization is great, and once you put this skill together with improvisation you will have no problem impressing your friends and family.